Sensory Products for Adults and Children

There are a lot of adults and children in this world who suffer from sensory processing dysfunction. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have autism or some other serious developmental disorder. It just means that when they are lightly touched, it can actually be more stimulating than a deep or heavy touch. This might be why so many people have trouble getting to sleep at night. The lightweight of their blanket or comforter is overstimulating their nerves and causing them to stay awake.

Fortunately, there are sensory products available for adults and children who have issues like this. These are called weighted therapy products, such as a weighted blanket for adults. The theory is that when an adult with sensory processing dysfunction puts a weighted blanket over themselves when they sleep at night, the weight of the blanket will make it easier for them to get to sleep. The same goes for children too.

Why does this work? Well, think about how a baby gets to sleep when they’re wrapped up in a blanket. Whenever a baby is all snuggled in their blanket, they are comfortable, warm, and relaxed. So, why should it be any different for a child or an adult? When you come home from a hard day’s work, what is the first thing you want to do? You probably want to lie down and relax. Weighted therapy products will allow you to relax much faster in comparison to lightweight blankets and comforters. You really must try it to believe it.

If you are looking for high-quality sensory products in the UK, you should check out a company called Sensory Owl. Their range of sensory and weight therapy products go far beyond just blankets. Some of their sensory products in the UK include resistance tunnels, lap pillows, body socks, sensory glove, sensory snake, weighted vests, weighted collars, weighted cotton wrists, and so much more. Each of their products has their own unique purpose for treating sensory dysfunction in various areas of the body.

It can be important to put pressure on certain areas of the body, depending on the disorder you or your loved one has. For instance, if you have flapping hands then wrist weights might be appropriate for stopping repetitive hand movements. Sometimes people may even inadvertently walk on their toes. This can be remedied with ankle weights. There are just so many products here to treat all kinds of sensory issues like these. Take a look and see for yourself what is available.

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