Weighted Blanket for Autistic Users

Autistic people have a developmental disorder that makes them think and act differently than regular people. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Rain Man” starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, then you have seen an example of autism already. The disorder can make you highly intelligent in some areas but not so intelligent in others. For instance, your ability to interact with other people won’t be normal if you suffer from this disorder. You’d likely experience symptoms like obsessive-compulsive disorder, abnormal sensory use, learning disabilities, and generalized anxiety disorder. However, you may be able to count cards if you go to Las Vegas too!

There are different forms of autism, so not every case is like you see in that movie. But what a lot of autistic people have in common is their extra sensitivity. Simply touching an autistic person with your hand could cause them to become erratic. In fact, autistic people tend to have trouble sleeping because of the lightweight blanket which covers them. The strange thing is that the lightest touches actually cause them to respond more aggressively. It is better when they have heavier objects on them instead.

For this reason, there is something called weighted therapy products which are designed for autism suffers who have this extra sensitivity problem. There are sensory products for adults with autism and sensory products for anxiety too. The most popular sensory product is the weighted blanket for adults. As the name indicates, it is a blanket which has added weight to it. The idea is that when an autistic person is covered with a weighted blanket at night, it will make it easier for them to get to sleep. They respond well to the added pressure against their body.

It is amazing that weighted blankets don’t get enough attention. They have helped so many people get a better night’s sleep, even people who don’t suffer from autism. Sensory products for anxiety like this one are great for relaxing and making sleep an easy thing to do. It is even easier for autistic people because of their extreme sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a good weighted blanked in the UK, there are a growing number of merchants that sell this item. You just need to do some research on Google to find the best ones. Make sure they have good customer reviews and that their blankets are made from quality materials. The best-weighted blankets contain flannel, cotton, and adjustable duvet. The blankets feel soft against the skin, but they also pressurize the body into restfulness. Whether you have an autistic person in your family or not, you will benefit from this blanket.

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