Weighted Blankets UK and Sensory Products for Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder which can severely impact a person’s ability to behave, interact, and communicate with other people on a so-called “normal” level. Autistic people are not necessarily unintelligent because the symptoms of autism vary between each person who suffers from it. Some autistic people might experience obsessive-compulsive disorder, epilepsy, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, abnormal sensory use, and sometimes learning disabilities.

Numerous studies have found that people suffering from autism or any type of sensory dysfunctions will benefit immensely from weighted products like blankets. Their sense of touch is extra sensitive to them, which means they respond more rapidly to even the lightest touch. However, if you put a heavier object on them, it will positively stimulate them into doing things like sleep and relax. That is why a weighted blanket for autism or any sensory products for autism have such a positive effect on autistic people.

Traditionally, these weighted and sensory products for autism have been marketed toward autistic children. But now, you can purchase a weighted blanket for adults too. In fact, a company called Sensory Owl specializes in creating sensory products for both adults and children. Some of their weighted blankets include cotton, flannel, patterned, and adjustable duvet. These materials allow the blanket to feel soft and comfortable while they weight inside is placing pressure against the person’s body. It will be much easier for any autistic person to get to sleep when they have this pressure on them at night.

You don’t need to settle for just a weighted blanket, though. Sensory Owl creates lots of other weighted products too, such as vests, wrist wraps, collars, socks, gloves, and more. The product that you choose for an autistic person will really depend on their specific disabilities or impairments. Certain autistic people respond differently to different kinds of weighted products. It is best to consult with the patient’s doctor regarding which weighted product is suitable for them.

If for some reason you don’t have a doctor to consult, there is an easy way to figure out which weighted product to choose. Let’s say the autistic person has a problem with walking. Perhaps they walk on their toes or the side of their feet a lot. In this case, you would purchase weighted socks for them to wear. This will keep their feet flat on the ground so that they’ll feel motivated to walk normally.

The sensory products at Sensory Owl treat all types of sensory developmental disorders, not just autism. You should check them out and browse their other products to see for yourself.

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