• behind every order is the story

  • about love, need and care

behind every order is the story

about love, need and care

Weighted therapy has been with us for a very long time. However, just recently in the past decade, this therapy gained popularity. The reason is that it is helping many different users to bring the right balance to their life back again. 

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Fantastic sturdy product. She's been using it daily and loves filling it with her teddies and being all squashed and cosy and hiding in there.



I have slept with my weighted blanket nearly every night since receiving it. It's comfortable, quiet, and just the right weight. I love that it has a soft side.


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The blanket we received is lovely and was ordered to help my eldest child with his anxiety. 


This is my second purchase from Sensory Owl. I had to fly abroad for 9 months and couldn't bring my first blanket with me. I slept very very poorly for the first three weeks without my blanket, after getting it, I woke up feeling like I had actually gotten sleep.


Thank you for your e-mail and help. Your products are really wonderful, beautifully made, child friendly and a reasonable price. They don’t feel ‘medical’ and your patterns and fabrics look really lovely in the home.  My boys call your blankets ‘cuddle blankets’ and find them really relaxing (I quite like snuggling under them too!). Sensory snake is hugely popular too - a really lovely item for any child. I’ve recommended you to lots of friends - if it helps please use my praise on your website.

Your products are fab, we’ll be back for more!