weighted sleep bag in mikey pattern
weighted sleep bag in funky cats pattern
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Weighted Sleeping Bag

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A weighted sleeping bag is designed for younger users who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome or hate to stay covered. It is a great solution when the weighted blanket should remain on all night but still give a comfortable space and allows natural moves. Weight in the sleeping bag help to soothe your baby and to prepare it to fall asleep quicker and for longer. Many children suffer from separation anxiety and struggle to sleep independently. Gentle pressure applied to the body mimics the feel of the hug giving your baby sense of security. 

It looks like a typical sleeping bag but with the weight applied in the top layer. This roomy bag won’t block the natural moves, and it is hip safe. Wide neckline and a soft finish allow easy dressing. Zipper located in the middle of the bag allows quick nappy changing. 



  • Made to order with love and care
  • Zipper with the safety lock and cover piece to prevent chewing and biting
  • Made from soft 100% cotton certified by Oeko Tex
  • No polyester padding
  • Filled with glass granules locked in the top layer of the bag only
  • The breathable structure provides a heat-safe sleeping environment and is excellent for all-season use
  • Selection of colours and patterns
  • Available in 3 sizes  



The bag should be at least 20cm longer than the baby length. Baby should be able to kick and wriggle freely. 

Weight depends on the child's age and the therapist/ doctor suggestions. 



Handwash with your regular detergent in the lukewarm water. Dry flat in the warm and airy place.


Please consult paediatrician or therapists. Item only to use with adult supervision.



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