Resistance Tunnel | Sensory Owl
Resistance Tunnel | Sensory Owl
two resistance tunnels on the floor- green and blue
two resistance tunnels on the floor- green and blue

Resistance Tunnel

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Product description

  • size 50x200cm
  • available in two bright colours - blue and green with a net stripe across the tunnel
  • net fabric design prevents panic attacks and gives a sense of security while inside the tunnel
  • the tunnel helps to develop body awareness and provides resistance
  • encourages integrative bodywork through crawling, pushing, pulling and lifting
  • great for home, school and therapy use as well as group rivalry games

Add the sensory resistance tunnel to your child’s sensory diet to maximise full body development. You can crawl eighter on the tummy or on the back – both ways involve many muscles at the same time. Swap the side of the net to keep it on the face side. This simple features stop panic attacks and will allow finishing the task for all users when performing the group exercise. The tunnel is tight enough to maximise the movements. Tie it on both sides and create a narrow and constrict body sock. A resistance tunnel is a fantastic tool for individual and group use. Use it for exercising and incorporate it with playtime.


  • Wash it at 40º C
  • Use delicate detergent
  • Do not tumble dry. It dries fast on its own


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