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Minimalist, universal for small and large. Each of us remembers this fun from childhood, where we were rocking as high as possible! Now you and your kids can swing as well. We present to you the basic equipment supporting balance and motor coordination - the GOOD WOOD swing

With many very practical advantages and developmental features, we also provide plenty of fun and enjoyment - whether at home or outdoors.

A gift for everyone and for every occasion - Good Wood Swing

The Good Wood swing is not only a universal, addictive toy, it is also a great developmental and therapeutic tool. It is a universal accessory for every child and parent. It can be mounted at home, in the garden, on a tree, wherever you want. Thanks to the attached buttons, adjusting the length (height) is child's play. The set also includes mounting hooks that will allow you to mount the swing at home.

And why is swinging so important?

For most children, as well as parents, having your own swing would be a dream come true and ... an extremely developmental, and often also therapeutic investment.

Swinging has a positive effect on the vestibular system, which is responsible for the sense of balance and motor coordination. The vestibular system, which works efficiently, gives you a chance to feel your own body, its location and spatial relations with the environment. This, in turn, provides a sense of security. Notice that if we don't feel confident in our own body, we don't feel safe either.

Did you know that the proper functioning of the sense of balance is necessary to control body posture and effective motor planning. Disturbances in the functioning of the sense of balance may result in the child being apathetic, bored, unwilling to play with other children. Children with balance skills deficits appear clumsy, tend to isolate themselves from their peer group, and often experience self-esteem issues. Therefore, as parents, we should support the development of the child's sense of balance through appropriate play.

Swinging, swinging, swaying is a type of movement that stimulates the vestibular system. Since this system is still developing in children, it is important that we adults take care of the right conditions conducive to its development. Kids instinctively look for stimuli that will support their immature nervous system. Swinging is the answer to the needs of every child:

develops the vestibular system
calms emotions
supports the development of gross motor skills and balance
strengthens the muscles of the whole body
Installing a swing at home or in the garden is quick and easy and can bring a lot of joy not only to the youngest.

What are the dimensions of the swing?

The dimensions of the swing are 49 x 20 cm. We made it from 18 mm thick plywood, which makes it very durable.