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Product description

  • patented seamless design
  • natural buckwheat filling 
  • selection of sizes  


The Living Bag is made of Secondskin® seamless fabric and filled with organic buckwheat husks used across all Intibag range. This flexible pouf rolls over the body and shapes with a squeeze. It is less firm than the Rolling Bag. Soft, gentle and relaxing like water moving around the body. Involve all senses by smelling the natural filling and listing to the beautiful sound of grains moving inside the bag. The rolling bag pouffe has a memory function and shapes your hips or back position reducing stress and tension in the muscles.  Perfect for sitting or relaxing on the floor. Living Bag supports joints, muscles and spine. Great for self-massaging. It reduces tension and stress. Recommended for children and adults of all age. This beautiful design is suitable for home, office, therapy room or play areas of all sorts. 


Sizes & Weight

Small - 6kg, diameter-35-45cm 

 Large- 9.5kg, diameter 45-55cm


Use it for:

  • massaging
  • deep pressure therapy
  • games and creative play
  • sensory integration therapy
  • sitting pouf promotes good posture or as a back support